About Us

About Struxure

STRUXURE is a principal data center engineering firms, turn-key delivery and critical services provider in the GCC regions with 15 years of experience on technically complex and strategic facilities including Data Centres, telecommunication facilities, call Centres, banks & financial institutions, broadcasting facilities and defense projects.

Mission & Approach

Mission & Approach

Increase Availability
Increase Visibility
Optimize Performance
Optimize Reliability
Minimize Cost

Our Services

Our Services


  • Design & Build
  • Consultancy
  • Assessments
  • Certifications


  • Maintenance plans
  • Repair
  • Training
  • Migration
  • Advise


  • Renovation
  • Enhancement
  • Quick fix


  • Project planning
  • Schedule management
  • Change management
  • Migration planning



Our solution

Our solution


Data Center

STRUXURE Creativity and innovation, technical expertise, understanding the objectives & goals of each environment Our data centers and services offerings are based on reliable solutions & technologies.

STRUXURE Data Centre engineering services help to address key business and technical requirements of capacity planning, development, consolidations, adaptability, operational costs and efficiency.


Critical Energy systems

Electrical systems are the most critical system for any critical facility, StruxurePower offers a wide range of smart electrical technologies which allows you to monitor & control any electrical systems remotely, Integrate easier and implement faster.

  • Data Center applications
  • Power monitoring and control
  • Switch gears components
  • Automation systems
  • Electrical distribution software

Struxure Cool

Critical Cooling systems

StruxureCool products offer perfect cooling equipment’s scientifically and elegantly designed to meet highest performance for GCC ambient temperature conditions in-line with ASHRE standards.

  • Precious air conditioning systems DX & CW
  • Comfort air conditioning systems control
  • Chilled Water systems
  • Fresh air & Ventilation systems
  • Exhaust and extract fans


Environmental Monitoring system (Pro-Active)

Concept of environmental monitoring systems has changed over the past few years from Re-Active to Pro-Active approach in order to assist data center owners to operate easier, & respond faster. StruxureView offer a comprehensive pro-active monitoring solutions for your critical equipment’s operation and reporting whenever is needed, StruxureView is also customizable to perform according to environmental conditions. StruxureView increase visibility, availability and reduce time of repair.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM)

DCiM extend your data center management functions to include all physical assets and resources found in the facilities and IT domains.

  • Asset Management
  • Network connectivity Management
  • Environment Management
  • Energy Management
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management


Video surveillance, intrusion detection, Access Door, and other physical security technologies are used extensively to help protect data centers, computer rooms, and equipment racks from outside threats. these measures prevent entry for unauthorized personnel or those who would do intentional harm.

  • Security Cameras (HD, Motion, Night vision, PTZ and more…)
  • Detection System (Security Motion detection sensors)
  • Access Door (Bio-metric, finger print, card reader and more …)
  • Fire Fighting (FM200,NOVEC, and fire alarm systems )


StruXure offer the industry leading end to end structured cabling solutions to support organization achieve highest performance with seamless integration across all DC layers.

  • Copper connectivity
  • Fiber Connectivity
  • Intelligent Cabling
  • Wyr grids
  • Grounding & bonding
  • Labeling



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